Chapter 10The Infinite Glories of the Ultimate TruthVerse 8


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Commentaries of the Four Authorized Vaisnava Sampradayas

as confirmed in the Garga Samhita Canto 10, Chapter 61, Verses 23, 24, 25, 26
Rudra Vaisnava Sampradaya:


Sridhara Swami's Commentary

Thorough and complete knowledge of the Supreme Lord Krishna's absolute power and glory bequeaths direct realisation of Him in their etheric heart. This is being expounded on in this verse and the next three. Lord Krishna begins with the words aham sarvasya prabhavo meaning He is the Supreme Ultimate Truth and the cause of all causes. By His vibhutis or transcendental opulence everything in the material manifestation emanated solely from Him. So spiritually intelligent beings endowed with the germinating seed of bhakti or loving devotion, worship Lord Krishna incessantly with mind, heart and actions.

Brahma Vaisnava Sampradaya:


Madhvacarya's Commentary

Lord Krishna uses the word matva meaning realisation of His Supreme Absolute position inspires one to perform bhajante mam or perform loving devotion unto Him. This clears up any and all misconceptions regarding the presence of individuality with the Supreme Lord.

Sri Vaisnava Sampradaya:


Ramanuja's Commentary

This confirms that Lord Krishna is the generating cause and origin of the all the wonderfully, marvellous and fascinatingly phenomenal displays of activity found abounding in all creation comprised of intelligent and non- intelligent beings and objects. He alone energises all of creation and manifests the impulses required for all actions. The spiritually intelligent are the mahatmanas or great illuminated beings who matva or realise His Supreme Absolute position as the ultimate controller of all existence. Who possesses all illustrious attributes such as compassion, affection, reciprocity, friendship, etc. These great beings are bhava- samanvitah or endowed with a wonderful way of serving Lord Krishna in bhakti or exclusive loving devotion according to their internal mood. The spiritually intelligent cultivate their minds in such a way as to acquire this mood and deeply immerse themselves in it. How this is accomplished Lord Krishna reveals next.

Kumara Vaisnava Sampradaya:


Kesava Kasmiri's Commentary

Lord Krishna expresses the immense devotion the great illuminated beings who matva or have realised His Supreme Absolute position and incomparable glories as the Ultimate Reality, the Ultimate Truth and the Ultimate Personality controlling all beings in all existences. He the sole object to be known and the goal o all knowledge. He is recognisable through external identifying manifestations such as the cause of creation, the origin of all living entities , the source of all existence etc. He is the prime cause of all created beings and all things sentient and insentient, movable and immovable. He also monitors the ascent and descent of all beings through higher and lower planetary species and up and down into higher and lower species of life including their internal growth and evolution. Everything is manifested, energised and activated because of Lord Krishna's desire alone and the spiritually intelligent realising this continuously worship Him fully with devotion and love.

Thus ends commentaries of chapter 10, verse 8 of the Srimad Bhagavad-Gita.

Verse 8

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