Chapter 6The Science of Self RealizationVerse 13, 14


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Commentaries of the Four Authorized Vaisnava Sampradayas

as confirmed in the Garga Samhita Canto 10, Chapter 61, Verses 23, 24, 25, 26
Rudra Vaisnava Sampradaya:


Sridhara Swami's Commentary

The posture of the body that is optimal for concentration of the mind in meditation is being described by Lord Krishna. The word samam means straight. The back, neck and head which is the seat of the muladhara or sacred plexus in the top of the head must be perfectly straight while at the same time sitting with legs crossed in a lotus position or half lotus position keeps them straight. Furthermore being firmly situated in celibacy is essential and then one is then able to properly meditate on the Supreme Lord immersing oneself in Him.

Brahma Vaisnava Sampradaya:

There is no commentary for this verse.

Sri Vaisnava Sampradaya:


Ramanuja's Commentary

The word saman means straight this denotes that the back, neck and body should be erect and balanced in a straight posture. By sitting with legs crossed in the lotus position or half lotus position assists in keeping this straight position. The word sthira means firm this denotes that the seat while being comfortable should not be overly soft. The eyes should not be allowed to flit hither and thither in different directions on objects near or far but should fix their focus either on the tip of the nose or on the space between the eyebrows. That was the discipline for the body now Lord Krishna gives the discipline for the mind. The mind being tranquil connotes contentment along with freedom from all fears. The compound word brahmacari-vrate means total celibacy and is an indispensable component insuring the containment and preservation of the vital energy of the physical body which is so essential for development. Keeping the mind attentive and fixed internally one should meditate on the Supreme Lord.

Kumara Vaisnava Sampradaya:


Kesava Kasmiri's Commentary

After the description of the seat Lord Krishna speaks of the posture of the body. The word samam means straight and this is how the back, neck and head should be. They should never be bent or hunched. The compound word bramacari-vrate means one must be observing strict celibacy which controls the eightfold emotions related to the generating organ. The Agni Purana states that the eightfold emotions regarding sexual congress are: thinking about it, talking about it, joking about it, envisioning it, desiring to do it, wooing to get one interested for it, enticing one interested to do it and finally engaging with another in sexual congress. All these things must be thoroughly scourged and completely purged if one is to be considered celibate. In this way one should yukta asita mat-parah meaning to sit with legs crossed in a lotus position or half lotus position and engage themselves in meditation of the Supreme Lord, becoming immersed in Him, who bestows ultimate bliss and who is the ultimate goal of human endeavour and existence.

Thus ends commentaries of chapter 6, verse 13, 14 of the Srimad Bhagavad-Gita.

Verse 13, 14

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