Chapter 10The Infinite Glories of the Ultimate TruthVerse 1


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Commentaries of the Four Authorized Vaisnava Sampradayas

as confirmed in the Garga Samhita Canto 10, Chapter 61, Verses 23, 24, 25, 26
Rudra Vaisnava Sampradaya:


Sridhara Swami's Commentary

In the previous chapters seven and eight the opulence of the Supreme Lord has been touched upon in brief. In chapter nine Lord Krishna has established the sublime superiority of bhakti or pure loving devotion. Now in the tenth chapter He will expand the horizon of His opulence and glories to crystallise and make vivid the realisation of God for His devotees. In these three chapters the form of the Supreme Lord Krishna which is to be worshipped has been determined. Such as in VII.VIII Lord Krishna states He is the succulent flavor in water, the effulgence of the sun, the monosyllable OM. In VII.XXX He explains that He should be known as the sole controller and source of all creation. In VIII:IV He explains that He is the Supreme Soul residing within all sentient beings. In IX.XVI He declares He is the fire, the mantra, the ghee and the yagna or ceremony itself. Now in order to clearly delineate these glories and opulences Lord Krishna emphasises that loving devotion to the Supreme Lord must be performed. He calls Arjuna maha-baho or mighty armed one denoting one who is mightily able to dextrously perform one's duty as battle for righteousness but also able to dextrously perform service to the Supreme Lord. He states bhuyah eva once again, hear my vacah words. What kind of words? He states paramam or supreme meaning words pertaining to the Supreme Absolute Truth which for Arjuna's benefit and the benefit of His devotees who both take the words of the Supreme Lord to be just like immortal nectar-

Brahma Vaisnava Sampradaya:


Madhvacarya's Commentary

Hari OM! This chapter is narrated by Lord Krishna for the benefit of increasing reflection and meditation on the Supreme Lord and for the special incentive of revealing His resplendent glories. Just by hearing or reading these pleasing and delightful verses gives one great satisfaction.

Sri Vaisnava Sampradaya:


Ramanuja's Commentary

The science of bhakti or loving devotion with its requirements was revealed by Lord Krishna in chapter nine. In order to nourish and engender such loving devotion and increase it, Lord Krishna undertakes with compassion to discourse further and expatiate on the subject of the infinity of infinite glories of the Supreme Lord, such as unrivalled sovereignty, indomitable will, inviolable power, unparalleled compassion, paramatma or the Supreme soul within all sentient beings and all creation comprising His transcendental form.

Lord Krishna speaks the words te priyamanaya which can mean one who possesses divine love or one who is a beloved confidant. Because Arjuna became delighted by listening to the glories of the Supreme Lord to further increase his joy and to fan his ardour for loving devotion Lord Krishna once again reveals revelatory information regarding the sublime glories and incomparable attributes of the Supreme Lord. This He does desiring Arjuna's highest good and ultimate benefit.

Kumara Vaisnava Sampradaya:


Kesava Kasmiri's Commentary

Thus Lord Krishna declared in the seventh and eighth chapters that the Supreme Lord is only accessible by bhakti or loving devotion. Then in the ninth chapter the greatness of this loving devotion to the Supreme Lord was revealed directly by the realisation of consciousness and indirectly by declaring the eternal, spiritual benefits gained for His devotees as opposed to the temporary, material benefits gained by the votaries of the demigods and all other gods. Now in order to induce the realisation of His infinite Supremacy over all to germinate and transform into loving devotion, He speaks this verse for Arjuna's and devotees like him for their highest interests and best welfare. This is because although it was discoursed upon earlier the greatness and majesty of the Supreme Lord is so extraordinary and phenomenal that it is very difficult to be properly understood by most. So Lord Krishna shines light upon this theme reiterating it commencing with the words bhuyah eva meaning once again which emphasises that one should listen attentively to glean the essence and comprehend. The ultimate revelation which will enlighten the Supreme Reality in its entirety regarding the magnificence and glory of the Supreme Lord causing bhakti for Him to germinate and grow expeditiously for the highest good for Arjuna and the devotees.

Thus ends commentaries of chapter 10, verse 1 of the Srimad Bhagavad-Gita.

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