Chapter 10The Infinite Glories of the Ultimate TruthVerse 42


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Commentaries of the Four Authorized Vaisnava Sampradayas

as confirmed in the Garga Samhita Canto 10, Chapter 61, Verses 23, 24, 25, 26
Rudra Vaisnava Sampradaya:


Sridhara Swami's Commentary

Lord Krishna states in conclusion. What is the necessity of this limited version of Himself? It is better to see Him existing everywhere within every living being. What purpose is served by knowing all these facts separately when He alone pervades and sustains the total material creation with just a fraction of Himself. There is nothing existing beyond Lord Krishna. The Rig Veda V.X.XC.III states: The complete cosmic creation is manifested from one quarter of Himself.

Because the mind continuously runs after external objects in its pursuit of pleasure through the senses, Lord Krishna enjoins everyone to try to see Him everywhere in everything and thus in this chapter He has magnanimously stated in brief His vibhuti or divine, transcendental opulence.

Brahma Vaisnava Sampradaya:


Madhvacarya's Commentary

The words kim jnatena tava used by Lord Krishna meaning what is the necessity of all this knowledge is to recall the primary reason for revealing His vibhuti or divine, transcendental opulence and not to indicate that knowledge of them was not of great value. Since this is true He would never state anything that is unnecessary or unreal. The Rig Veda confirms stating: Who can possibly be liberated from the cycle of birth and death without knowledge of the Supreme Lord phenomenal attributes and vibhuti. The adjective tava is used for clarification and indicates that since Arjuna is already a qualified devotee of Lord Krishna. The knowledge that has been revealed previously is for other aspirants and votaries in various levels of development; but the knowledge that is instructed subsequently hereafter will be exclusively for Him. Again the word kim is used to emphasise the importance of other means to perceive Lord Krishna. If there is attachment and greed and no renunciation what is the use of penance? If there is anger and lust and no equanimity what is the use of penance? The purpose of using the word kim is to emphasise the removal of attachment, greed, anger and lust. It is for affirming that it is more important to perceive Lord Krishna's presence in all places rather then to perceive Him in select differentiated places.

Now begins the summation.

The words kim jnatena also indicate that what is to be mentioned in the following chapters is more important then what has been previously related up till now. This does not mean that anything that Lord Krishna revealed previously is not important; but only that it is the foundation for what is yet to come. To be informed that what is to be told later is more important infers that what was told previously was more preparatory and denotes a connecting gradation in the information given. To be properly understood and assimilated knowledge must come in the proper sequence. Only by reflecting and meditating on Srimad Bhagavad-Gita as a collective whole will one come to realise its deeper purports and the ultimate truth.

Sri Vaisnava Sampradaya:


Ramanuja's Commentary

Lord Krishna now informs that whatever has been confirmed as the reality regarding His vibhuti or divine, transcendental opulence is extremely minimal. In whatever condition the material creation may appear, be it the absolute reality of the supra subtle unmanifest state of the brahman being the spiritual substratum pervading all existence or be it the relative reality of the supra gross manifest state possessing the five elements. Whether existing temporarily or in perpetuity, the total creation comprised of cit or consciousness and acit or unconscious beings, objects and substances are structured in such a way as to not conflict with each other and never to go contrary against the Supreme Lord's will. The blessed Parasara the father of Vedavyasa revealed in the Vishnu Purana that the whole creation is maintained by 110,000 part of 110,000 part of Lord Krishna's inconceivable power.

Kumara Vaisnava Sampradaya:


Kesava Kasmiri's Commentary

Thus presenting His principle vibhuti or divine, transcendental opulence which relates to material existence in brief, Lord Krishna being more concise includes them all in the previous verse. Now He concludes this chapter with the words: kim jnatena tava meaning what is the need of knowing all these facts separately. It is sufficient to know the reality that Lord Krishna maintains the total material manifestation and upholds the complete cosmic creation with just an infinitesimal spark of His transcendental potency. The two particles in athava of atha and va in the first word of this verse meaning otherwise together express this point of view. The word ekamsena means infinitesimal fraction. As it is declared by Parasara in the Vishnu Purana: Lord Krishna from whom 1/10,000 part of 1/10,000 part which equals 1 percent of 100 million, maintains and sustains the whole creation and cosmic manifestation. The entire material creation containing the sentient and the non-sentient are all completely dependent on Lord Krishna for their very existence. The understanding is to meditate on everything as being a part of Him because nothing can exist without Him.

Taking complete refuge in the Supreme Lord Krishna who revealed His vibhuti out of compassion for all beings, may bhakti or exclusive loving devotion towards the Supreme Lord germinate and grow through the knowledge of such glories.

Thus ends commentaries of chapter 10, verse 42 of the Srimad Bhagavad-Gita.

Verse 42

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